Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new year & birthday greetings to LAURA

hope everyone had a great new year and this post is late in the day because
i didnt get up until 1pm today....i am tired, no reason, just tired, so we went to mi mexico for some really late lunch or early dinner and now for the post..
my warmest and bestest birthday wishes for
  • laura
  • , whom i adore and still
    cannot believe the story of us ever getting together!!! love you~!!! xoxox


    Laura said...

    Wahhhhhh! I love that post!! I look so cute with that body!!!! Thank you Dear Kim for taking time to make such a lovely post!!!! I was just about to go upstairs to read and fall asleep (well, it is 9 p.m.), but first had to check you blog!!! This is so cool! Ooohhhh, you had Mexican food! We had Portillo's! We thought of you guys!!! Had fun stamping too! Wish you were here! Buy a house here already would you?? THANKS FOR MAKING MY BIRTHDAY SO SPECIAL!

    love you,

    One Crabapple said...

    This is so perfect !

    It looks just like Laura ! laughing !

    NO but really - I love this and it does remind me of something she would post with her photos from when she was little.

    I love the way you cut out her picture and gave her a bouffant (not sure if I spelled that right !) hairdo of the times !

    This is just so perfect and wonderful. I love it.
    What a great idea. I will be on the lookout for a photos from the 50's / 60's like this to use for a birthday card. Very original Miss K !!!!

    Happy Happy Birthday Maudie !

    Babsarella said...

    I just love this!!! How totally adorable!!!