Thursday, January 04, 2007

mr kaj~

how does a 14o-pound great dane fold himself down to fit in this chair??
he does it all the time and we even have a smaller chair upstairs that he folds himself down to fit in...just amazing, mr kaj is......


Laura said...

what a dear child all curled up into a ball!!!! Kisses on his head!

JJ said...

He is so lazy!!!!

Julie H said...

And very cute he is tooo... How lovely that you let him on the chair.

I confess that Miss Maggie has never had thar joy.

Give that lovely head a scratch for me.

Naturegirl said...

Perhaps it's time to make up a ATC with Kaya's mug shot... wouldn't
that be nice!
I love the way our furry friends find just the right place to curl up and's usually an
~out of bounds~ spot!!

Babsarella said...

OMG!!! That is just too cute!!! How can he be comfy??