Saturday, January 06, 2007

***updated****new mommy!!

updated****left at midnight and we only had 2pups a call this morning at 545am, #3HAD JUST BEEN BORN-little boy, mostly brown with white markings..will have pictures when i get over there today..the nursery has had many visitors in the last is doing fine, tired but she loves her balls and has 2by her side....******

well, got the call at 12:45 when we were at target!! 1st puppy is born, he is a boy named is now 2:41 pm and the second one was just delivered, she is a black and white will follow for each puppy born...heathers friend-kevin is delivering the
puppies..thank the lord he is here!!!.....xoxoxo

*another puppy was born at 2:48pm-female-look how white she name yet..


FaeryCrafty said...

Awwwww!! Congrats!!

Julie H said...

These are so, so sweet. Poor Nala she does not look at all pleased - yet. Kevin looks pretty stoked though!

I hope the rest of this journey goes well.

Laura said...

Hope everyone is okay!!! Sweet little puppy children and mommy!!! Sending doggie prayers from Buddy and Pal!

Heather said...

awwwwwwwww, soo cuuuute. I love puppies! Even tho at this age they look more like teeny piggies. Can't wait to see them grow.. FUN!

One Crabapple said...

oh my goodness ! everyone has had a LONG night!

Do you think there will be another ?

What are the names ?

(thank you for the call BTW ! I was laughing and excited !)

How sweet. Poor Nala !

Congratulations GRANDMA ! laughing more.

Can't wait to see more pix !

Beth said...'s official !!! Grandma Kim....I think it fits just fine, huh ?????

The puppies are precious....babies, no matter what kind, are just the best !!!!!

I hppe everyone continues to do well !!!

Dotee said...

Kim, the babies are gorgeous! AM sure they will bring you plenty of joy.

Lots of love from ' Aunty' Dotee!xoxo

Maryellen said...

What itty bitty cuties. I love the picture of the mother smiling. Thanks for sharing your joy here.

I am just cruising around from site to site tonight saying hello and relishing the phenomenon that is blogging. We take it up innocently and in it, if we are open to it, find a doorway to true friendships with like people all over the world and in our own home town.

What I think I’m saying is . . . . . “I’m really glad I met you – even though I have not yet really met you – and may never actually meet you – it is still amazing.”

soleclaw said...

Congratulations to Nala!

Naturegirl said...

Mommy did good..yes indeed!A wonderful day! These little angels are so sweet!I'm sure you are proud as punch!hugs NG