Sunday, January 21, 2007

da bears!!!!



JJ said...

WOW -- you are quick!!! Go CHICAGO!!!!

Laura said...

Hey thanks you Ohio woman!!!! That is a great entry! What a good turn of events for the long suffering Bears fans!!! My husband was quite relieved and happy! As I am sure my brother and Dad are too!

Julie H said...

Hehe, I have no idea who the Bears are! But have enjoyed catching up on your last half dozen posts.

Those pups are adorable! Is that your daughter with Nala? They look so happy together!

And you are definirely a shopping hero of mine!


jassman said...

Go Bears! Lots of Bears fans here in Nebraska! Yes those red shoes came from Target! Don't you just LOVE that place????

zUzU said...


..::Go BEARS::..

I must be a fan ... I mean,
with a name like that ...
but of course!

Errr... Football, right?
(You stop laughing! ...
I admit it. I know less than well ...
I know nothing about sports.)

But ... I know I love da BEARS!

=^..^= XO, zU