Saturday, January 13, 2007

journal for a friend~

in march, i again am meeting up with the faeries again for a beautiful soiree/ball-faerie style at
  • rosecliff mansion
  • in newport, ri of the faeries in our group is fondly called "the timekeeper" as she makes it her job to make sure we all stay focused and on time!!! so, i thought i would make her a little something that would make her look a little more official.......


    FaeryCrafty said...


    Ellen Lyn said...

    So pretty! What a lucky friend!! A faerie ball sounds like so much fun....I hope you'll post pictures!

    Anonymous said...

    I was just looking at a book yesterday at the bookstore on how to do this kind of art...

    This creation is just beautiful. Your friend is going to love it.

    Take care,

    Julie H said...

    Very pretty and practical too! I am sure the recipient will love it.

    So sorry you had a bad day. Is your dog unwell? And is she ok now?

    How are those gorgeous puppies? I would love to see some photo's.

    Beth said...

    Beautiful.....sounds like a great trip with great friends !!!

    How are those puppies ????

    Rella said...

    Oh My!!! How very special is this journal!! and a faerie ball??????????? Right up my ally. Your blog is amazing and I'm so glad to be here with all this "eye-candy"
    Best ~ faerieluna

    Laura said...

    This journal is just amazing!! Tres magnifique!!!

    love you,

    One Crabapple said...

    What a pretty journal cover.
    Lucky Time Keeper Faery !
    Love all that glitter !

    The Rosehill looks really wonderful.
    who wouldn't want to stay there ????

    Oh surely they serve a TEA ?

    MMMmmmm,how fun.

    miss*R said...

    gorgeous, just gorgeous. oh how I wish I could go to a faery night ~ what fun!

    Nature Girl said...

    KIM I am backtracking and catching up on my visits to blogs and your posts..This is so wonderful! You are gifted so gifted!This is so creative and I LoVe the image of the ~fairy~ used!
    ~*A fairy ball*~ oh my! hugs NG