Tuesday, August 22, 2006

thirfty finds~*~

i struck oil, when i went to this new antique place...all these goodies: nice printer drawer, 2-feather bird nests, red little chair for my mohair bunny/bear, aquaish buttons for red & aqua swap, aqua pot holder hand made for red & aqua swap, cute metal red bowl for red & aqua swap, 2packages of pearlish buttons, 3-baby spoons, single salt shakers-3 of them, the coveted TAB glass for laura of maude & mozart, 2 leather coins purses, some plastic bunnies & ducks?-just had to have them, christmas postcard, love the silver and my teacup for the teacup swap and the neat thing about the teacup is that it is made right here in alliance, ohio..too cool for school....~*~*~*~


One Crabapple said...

What a haul ! Loads of goodies !

Love the Merry Christmas card.
The salt shakers are my favorites !

What are you going to create with the feather nests ? (maybe that would be cute for your mohair bear / bunny too? who wouldn't want to sleep in a feathered nest !?)

The teacup is cute (Liek that it is for Ohio for a swap ) and love the red metal bowl

I need ta go thrifting with YOU !

Colette said...

Oooh, lovely stash! I love thrifting, you never know what you're going to find!

Love everything!

Dotee said...

Wow Kim!

What a fabulous bunch of goodies. I am not sure what I like best!

The cup and saucer is lovely. But those nests I do love them!!!

Well done on finding such wonders.

Mmmmmm me thinks I may need to start doing some thrift shopping myself.

Laura said...

Total jackpot!!!!! Isn't finding treasures in an antique shop the most fun!!! I get so I am addicted. For example, if I go shopping one day and find lots of stuff..then I am chomping at the bit to find more stores and check them out. Why am I not addicted to exercise and housecleaning?? and cooking? but no, I am addicted to hunting for antiques, shopping for stamping supplies, and reading!

I liked your idea about the faux family round robin....we will have to investigate that??? Like how would it work? I am going to be off computer for the afternoon and will check back later in case you have an idea!!!