Thursday, August 31, 2006

madame gigi*

today i went to michaels in search of some casting resin, which i found amongst other things..that place is like target, you go in for one thing and the next thing you know its $50bucks later...anyway, michaels must had just set up for all their halloween stuff, because they were full to the brim with all kinds of cool anyone that knows me knows that halloween is my favorite holiday and i love to dress up and i love all those haunted houses that you set up and coffins with hands coming out of them and the fake hand that crawls across the room but i saw something tonight that i had never ever seen before...A SPIRIT BALL.....well i call her madame gigi..remember tom hanks in BIG and he does that fortune teller thing for a quarter, well this is my rendition of tom hanks fortune teller.....she is so cool, i had to buy her and she talks and gives out some fortune advice and her eyes glow yellow and her head floats or gives the illusion she is plan is to take her to work the entire month of october..she is so cool and the best part is i got to use my 40% off coupon from joanns at great was that, i guess you can do that! who knew>>>>!


miss*R said...

oh ! this is just the BEST !!! I love it ! !

One Crabapple said...


I am cracking up !!

Madame Gigi is a hoot and sure to be a hit at your party !

Love, S.

Laura said...

I hope she tells only good things!!!!

pinar said...

as Laura.. I hope she tells good news for you and your family.. =)

silverlight said...

This is an amusingly hoot. I also like the hand on the treat bowl. It just makes me laugh,