Thursday, August 24, 2006


well, the girls are all packed up and ready for their trip to australia! this is my contribution to my first doll swap! and my first attempt at making any kind of dolls at all...if i say so myself, i did pretty good...did a little beading on half of them and added some with old jewelry i had made when i used to make it for resale. it was fun and i think i might keep up with making some of the dolls evry now and then.....i will post the 6dolls that i receive when they get here....they each have there own names which are: tola, ophelia, mersenne, lenore, noorene and rose...that was fun trying to name them and really it fits each one of them...okay, that is enough babble for now....over and out~*~*~*~*~


Julie H said...

Ooooh they are so, so gorgeous. What a wonderful group of women they are all, different and yet blending together perfectly. I really am looking forward to seeing which one comes to live in Albany with me. I do love the names aswell.

I am so excited to be a part of such a fabuous swap. I have all my bits and pieces gathered and will begin constrction this weekend.

One Crabapple said...

These dolls are wonderful

Every time I thought I had a favorite I changed my mind while studying the next doll...

Each one has so much personality.

I really think these turned out great.

Are you hooked now ?

Hey said...

Oh, Kimmy! They turned out so nicely. I wish I would have gotten to see the others in person before you sent them. The ones I saw while I was over that day were so unique and genuinely crafted with TLC. :) (I still think they remind me of the "Dark Crystal" though...) Love ya!

Dotee said...

Oh Kim - they are all fantastic!!!!

Can't wait to see them in person.
You have done SO well and I love how you they are all different and have their own names.

I can tell you have made them with lots of loving care. You are a natural at making art dolls. is going to be very hard choosing who your art dolls will be going to live with. Am going to have a lot of fun deciding though!

Thanks so much for taking part.

Much love to you and the dollies.

Dotee xoxo

Sulea said...

wow Kim. I visitted your site from Dot's blog. Love your dollies!!! i am just starting out and your dolls are just great, so full of character and personality!


Holly Stinnett said...

These are wonderful!!! Very unique and so special.

Daisy Lupin said...

I love the dolls, I enlarged the photo to look closely at them, they all look such individual characters. What are their faces made of?

Naturegirl said...

You and your circle of talented friends amaze me!I could never!Each doll has her own story and I think I am drawn to the redhead because my son and grandaughter have red hair! You must make a "Taloola" with green of course! :)