Wednesday, August 02, 2006

dear teddy*

i was talking to my good friend-arttealife( about how she had received a handmade little teddy from the pink swap and just how sweet it was and how you could tell it was made with love..i told her that i still had my first teddy bear and i hate to tell but he is at least 40years old and the things he's seen and the places he has been to..yikes! how old does that make me...ick! anyway, i have had him with me for nearly all of my life and he is no worst for the wear..i think i need to give him to my mom to see if she can sew him up and maybe give him a new mom is the world's best name it she can do it and she is the best seamstress..i know this when it is my time to go teddy will be with me..if you still have your teddy, give him a hug for me~*~*~*~*~


a faerie said...

Dearest Theodore =^..^=

You have a message from zUzU.
When mama's asleep ... Please visit.

It's a secret.

One Crabapple said...

I knew Zu would pick up on this !

Funny because I was just thinking while I was reading ! she would have something to say about his oldness...and there she is (laughing)

oh this old bear is a love.
So are you.

Love & X's

Jill said...

I still have my first bear as well...and he is...shall we say..."middle-aged"...but in darn good shape for his age...well worn in all the right places!

FaeryCrafty said...

Aww that is cute. I still have one of my first dolls. She even still talks when you pull her string :)

Laura said...

what a sweet bear!!!!

miss*R said...

ooh, what a great post! I still have my 'bear' but it is not really a bear - it is a koala. I received it when I was about 6! I will run with your post and post about mine on my blog too ! thanks for the inspiration xox
ps- found you through zuzu

Sofia Barao said...

Kim THANK YOU THANK YOU for the wonderful package you send my really lighted up my day, I LOVED EVERYTHING WOW !!!

Naturegirl said...

I think your little bitton nose bear needs a vintage ribbon tied around his
neck and that would perk him up. I loved Sandy's teddy with the "time capsule" :)

ButtercupElffly said...

OH, How lovely. He looks very content <~~~ I wish I would of had a teddy bear..... Yours looks so very happy to be the caretaker of so many memories.


Hey said...

I will give him a hug when I get home... :) (He's not my first, but my 2nd...which actually is a good blog story...) I'll have to take a picture of him tonight and write about it. ;D