Saturday, August 12, 2006

the sunflower~

my favorite flower besides the rose is the sunflower. i think they are a perfect flower and cannot help but bring a smile to the face...this is a huge painting that i have hanging in our family room. we have cathedral ceilings in that room so any artwork has to be when i saw this painting at marshalls department store on clearance i knew it was meant for me..i love me a good bargain!! thinking about this painting always brings a smile to my face, it is my villa in beautiful to wake up to this view everyday, someone is doing that, wish it was me...oh well, at least i have my painting and i have been to italy and will visit again, i rubbed the boar's nose. you probably are saying what is she talking about well, in florence, there is a statue of a boar(i think it is a boar)and the legend is if you rub its nose you will i know i will return someday....ciao!~*~*~


Julie H said...

I have just posted about smiles too! Must be the time for it. Sunflowers make me smile - they have such a happy outlook. Great picture - that clear blue sky is awesome too.


Naturegirl said...

Yes sunflowers the flower of smiles!I passed a field of sunflowers this weekend and darn did NOT have my camera can you believe it!Oh my friend TWT said about you both bringing your tent to my secret garden...yes as long
as you don't snore! CIAO BELLA!

One Crabapple said...

mmmm yehhhh

love sunflowers.

love your fantasy of a little villa among the flowers.

can you imagine walking thru a field of sunflowers like that ?

Well okay okay ! in that fantasy there are no bugs , your long skirt does not get caught on anything , it is not that hot out, etc. etc. !

love the picture. I am sure it looks perfect in your house.

Dotee said...

Love this picture and can understand why you bought it.

Sunflowers are such happy flowers. Raising their faces to the sun.


ButtercupElffly said...

Hi whichy, I love that picture makes you just want to run bare foot through there?? I am emailing you a picture of me and my sunflowers. I am a freak I grow all kinds..


kansasrose said...

Sunflowers rock! I love your picture! They are everywhere in Kansas and we have a big patch of the common sunflower next to our barn. My husband always wants to weed whip them out but I won't let him! The crop sunflowers are struggling though because of the drought. Did you know the Inca worshipped them?