Sunday, November 26, 2006

turkey weekend~

okay, i have really been super busy after the big feast and of course, i havent really made any new art..i know, i know, but i will tell you what i have been doing...friday, i got up at 4am to go shopping and be at our first stop by 5am without drinking any starbucks- until 6am when they we were on the go shopping until 230pm- went home and napped, left the house at 630pm
until 10pmish, home in bed by 1030pm..very tired...
*saturday-yesterday got at 9am, out the door to antique mall for some christmas items, found some bargains, spent $35ish dollars which included a beautiful nice holiday tablecloth with holly and red wreaths for $11-score

saturday night drove to cleveland to see our NBA basketball team-
cleveland cavaliers, the big guy on the team is #23-nicknamed king james
call his name is lebron james and he is totally awesome!! it was
so awesome, i felt like i was royality, our tickets were on the floor,
4rows behind the basket..we had our own reception area where gourmet
food and drinks of any kind were provided free!!!! yep free!! and we could
meet & greet the players, it was awesome ...pluss they had cake...yummy!!

AND the recording artist known
as USHER was 4seats diaginal from me, yep USHER, my daughter was so
jealous, heck i was jealous of myself and mad that i didnt have my camera
and my cell camera didnt really get any good ones...

on the trip home,we mad a detour to stark county dog warden headquarters to pick up a rescue that will be living with my daughter-she is a 2year old shar-pei mix. we all agreed on her name to be NALA-from the lion king..she is a frightened little angel and really needs some TLC and a good bath....we are excited to have her added to our that is what i have been up to...what have you all been doing this weekend??xoxoxo


Sweet Petunia said... that is serious shopping! Nala is darling.

Janet said...

What a sweet, worried face! Makes you want to hug her. Those who rescue dogs are angels, you know... :-)

JJ1 said...

How much more could you pack into one weekend? It was fun especially the Cavs game...stars and all. Then to pick up little miss nala I am sure she will be totally different next time we see her...I am sure she will "own" the apt.

Laura said...

What a sweet doggie! I want to kiss her on the top of her head!! Love all your Christmas hoopla!!!

One Crabapple said...

Nice ! you found some kool stuff and good bargains !

Sweet Dog. Sweet daughter !

Sounds like you had fun. First class all the way !

Deb said...

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Nala is just beautiful.

ButtercupElffly said...

So So wonderful, poor baby, now she has a home and some one to love her...