Thursday, November 16, 2006

life goes on~*~

well, i know i have been slacking in my art, it is true, i know it..but the real underlying reason is this: my daughter has been moving her things into her new apartment( she is sharing with her best friend) this past week and now the chapter in our lives where she has been with living with me nonstop for 23yrs is now closed..she will not be coming home tonight and quite frankly i do not like it one bit..i know i know this day has been coming, but i do not have to like it, so that is that and i will move on and i have not been that nice to her this week, i guess that is how i am dealing with it, which probably isnt the right thing, but that is me and she knows through tear stained eyes, i will get through this, i always is all part of the circle of life....xox


One Crabapple said...

ohhh !

This must be really hard.

A rite of passage for you both I suppose.

She get to experience Empty Nest Syndrome.

Yes , do art !

Fill in the blanks -put it into your art....

Besides now you and J. can run around in your undies !

Love, S.

Dawn said...

Kim, I'm sorry this week has been so rough for you...mine are so very little, I just can't imagine what it is going to be like when they are both gone. Really puts in perspective for the rest of us all the griping about runny noses and temper tantrums, etc. Keep your chin up, she may be moving out, but she'll always be your little girl!

mo said...

Oh, this has got to be so difficult. My oldest is seven and I dread the day that has come for you. I hope that when you are over the initial sadness you will find lots of wonderful things to fill your days and that you will be able to be less sad with this. As creative as you are I have no doubt beautiful things will come from this.

Naturegirl said...

Yes I know it is always painful when
babies leave their nest.You have given her a good foundation one that she shall build a good life with.
As S. said get your creative juices flowing and you never know this emotion may take you to places you've never yet discovered!
Your blog community is here to entend a hand.....*~here grab hold of mine~*
hugs NG

One Crabapple said...

Love these pictures.
You know if you were NOT so blue, I would kind of wonder !
that is a testament to what a caring mom you are....And I bet she knows that.

When will you come out and play again ?
Hope it is soon.
Love, S.

Laura said...

Oh....this is so sad!! I mean I know it is a good thing, but it is so hard. Sometimes it would be so much easier for everything to stay the same! Now that I am about to turn 45 (and childless) I think of that time when I left home for good....I did not think a thing of it!! Was glad to go...but now my Mom tells me that she cried her eyes out! The good thing is that when we hang out now we have so much fun. A good mother daughter relationship is such a wonderful thing. Focus on the positives!!! I know you will. and I love that picture of the baby toes!!!!! Love you and sending a big hug! Laura

Julie H said...


And as a daughter who left home, I am sure tht this will only bring you closer. How is it that Mum is the only one with that perfect recipe? or the ability to tell the difference between a couple of insect bites and a deadly disease - over the phone?

pinar said...

this must be difficult.. my daughter is still 12.. I sometimes.. get fed up with her.. go out.. waiste some time awat.. and try to imagine how it will be later.. when she will leave home..
I am sure you will get used to it.. but now is the first day.. first week..
one cannot believe howfat they grow.. from this small finger heigh thing to a young adult..
but I am sure you will have good a relation..
loves and hugs to you.. from here..