Tuesday, November 14, 2006

catch up~*~

i have got to get in gear and get out the the art that i owe
some folks!

  • SMITH411
  • i owe her a halloween swap card.
  • sweet barbara here she is.
  • i think this is my self portrait !! hehehe

  • laura, my starbucks friend, do you see your glass is crammed
  • full of my stuff..merci beaucoup!

  • dotee , my artist friend-the above will be on its way to
  • you in
  • gratitude for the 3beautiful atcs you sent me...
  • the interesting
  • thing about this art, is the body of her is from
  • newspaper that
  • got stuck in our outdoor copper firepit, it was lying
  • there and
  • i just thought it was beautiful, i didnt know what i
  • was going to
  • do with it, but it found its way onto my art to dotee..


    One Crabapple said...


    Love the colors and the wax (is it beeswax I see on that card ?) on The Witch Card.

    Your desk is a mess ! laughing - and you know I only told you that because mine is beyond mess and into CHAOS.

    I especially like the art doll card you made for Dot ! The way you made the dress with the paper is great !

    I enlarged each photo to see what was what and got to see allll the details.

    really love that bottom card !
    Lucky Dot !

    Glad you are back !

    Dotee said...

    Oh, how exciting!!!!!! I love the art doll card you made for me (yippee doodle). And the story behind the paper you used(clever you!!!) I know I am going to treasure this work of art. And can see the love that has gone into every part of it..
    The witchie poo card is fabulous. Am sure Barbara will love it too!!

    Thanks so much Kim. Cannot wait to see my art doll card in person....

    Big hugs to you

    Much love
    Dotee xoxo

    Laura said...

    Wahoo!!! I see the birdie glass is in use!! So cool! I am glad we each have one now and can think of each other while we are in our creative modes!!!! love you, laura

    JJ1 said...

    turning trash into treasure-love it

    Julie H said...

    That piece for Dotee is just gorgeous! And love love love that she is made of a 'found' piece.

    Babsarella said...

    Oh goodie!!! I LOVE the ATC and I loved the show when I recently saw it, so I am looking forward to seeing this beauty IRL!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!