Thursday, November 09, 2006

eye candy~

while waiting on a friend to finish a meeting, i went to michaels, not for anything in particular, just to look..just looking usually means $50bucks later..anyway..

i gathered these supplies and sat in the car and embellished my prada glasses.
they already have tiny crystals on the side and i thought they needed a few more..
so i found these swaroski crytals in lots of beautiful shades and i chose topaz to
match the side crystals!!

finished project!!


FaeryCrafty said...

Very pretty!

Julie H said...

I love seeing this 'dress up', be glamorous, side of you. Great idea!

silverlight said...

upezroSorry, I haven't been by to visit for awhile. I just discovered all I've missed. The Halloween cards are hilarious.
I have the same thing when i go to Michael's. I really have to restrain myself.

Naturegirl said...

Now aren't you just the Ms. Smarty..great job! My friend would love these as she is always looking for glasses with crytals.I must tell her your idea!

One Crabapple said...

Heyyy Gorgeous !

Great idea. And it looks good too.

(and you made it out of there under fifty bucks! good job !)

A little more Sparkle...can't HURT !

Dotee said...

LOVE the extra glitz Kim! Very you, and very creative :)

Heather said...

clever.. and purty too!

Misty Mawn said...

Now that is just so cool, I wish I had glasses to do that to. They look awesome. Yes, just walking in Michaels costs at least $50.

Thank you so much for your sweet and dear comment to me. It means a lot, thank you!!! I am looking forward to meeting! xo

pinar said...

ooh they look absolutely great.. glamorous..