Sunday, May 03, 2009

weekend art~

last saturday, my wonderful friend sharon andrews and i went to the
AFIC show
(artistic fibers in cloth)..
well it really isnt a doll show, i should correct myself and call it a art doll retreat ..
they had a display of the various doll artists dolls which were incredible!
took my breathe away!
well there was one artist who we got to take a sneal peak into his classroom and wow was i ever blown away~~
his blog is not really representative of the wonderful art his students created ...
below is a piece that was created by one of his students-mary kochevar....
isnt it awesome!!!!
it was a great day topped off by a drive through sonic for corn dogs, tater tots and
cherry limeade~~


aka suska said...

Cody and I go way back. We did an angel exchange. He is a great guy and an extremely creative artist! Love it!

Maija said...

So cool, Kim!