Wednesday, May 20, 2009

surgery tomorrow

well tomorrow is the big surgery in the early am...its not really a BIG surgery..just the big day...

hey wait it is a big surgery, i will be going under anesthesia..
cannot eat anything after midnight and waiting on julie to get home from the grocery
for the supplies...having pizza for dinner with my FAV vitamin c water-orange..
it is reminiscent
of tang which i still love....
i will report back in a few days..
thank you to my sweet friends for the well wishes and phone calls..
they mean the world to me..
love you all


Laura said...

Honey that knee is just so cute!!! Can't wait until you feel better and are up and around like normal.

Your dinner pick was inspired!!!!

Keep in touch.

Ellen Lyn said...

Break a leg!! And feel better soon!!!


beth said...

I'll be thinking of you sweetie !!!

keep that face on your know they do that in that hospital anyhow just to make sure they've got the right one !!!

Maija said...

I'll be thinking of you this morning! And ditto on what Ellen said (that silly girl!)