Thursday, May 21, 2009

home after surgery~

after a pit stop at starbucks, i was home from the hospital by the early afternoon and in bed...
see my latte, lol..

surgery was great but i woke up in tears worried about seeing our patients at work next week..

what the heck was that all about, i was really crying and had to pull myself together.

i have never had anything like that happen before coming out of anesthesia..weird, huh.

my nurse julie made me a light lunch and has kept me on schedule

with my meds and icing of the knee...

she did manage to slip away for a bike ride

under the guise of picking up my meds at the


she has had to rewrap my bandage several times as i keep getting out of bed to fetch things to keep me busy and of course she doesnt know where my art things are, lol..

isnt this green stuff they put on my leg fabulous, i swear i am turning into the wicked witch..

i love it on my foot..

i want to thank all my friends and family here and in facebook and in blogland

for all the well wishes, cards and flowers..

you really all mean the world to me and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

(and thats not the vicodin talking, lol)



Holly Loves Art said...

I am so happy that you're doing okay! What a cute picture of you in the bed with your furchild. He is a sweet doggie. And bless ya for showing that photo.. ouch and OMG... it is quite a photo. Get well soon... I'm glad you have your nice nursemaid. :)

JJ said...

Me, sneak off for a ride? No, never...the line at cvs was just really, really long...really. OK, so at least it was a quick ride. You were quite the trooper today and surprisingly a mostly compliant patient...xo

eb said...

you look good in green Kim - so happy all is going well - keep that nurse maid biking and take it easy...
you are a real trooper

much love

xox - eb.

Candace said...

You just lie back and think of England. It'll be over before you know it.
I love that dog! Love. Her.

I will check back again soon so take care, truly.
Candace in Athens

Laura said...

I know what you mean about the crying when you come out of anesthesia! That happened to me too!!!! Weird.

Your greeness is hilarious! Quick, get to an audition of Wicked!!!!

I see Miss Vera was quick to comfort you!!

Sleep alot and relax. Read a good book!!!!


beth said...

i usually puke after the crying actually sounds great !

and that is a little witchy.....
"I'm melting, I'm melting"

I'm so glad you're done with all this stuff and that your knee will be as good as new so we can go skate boarding and roller skating when you're here in june.....hee hee

oops....I meant so we can go to starbucks and get drinks and sit on our asses and people watch :)

Deborah said...

I'm glad your surgery went well. The crying is a natural part of coming out of anesthesia - it happened to me when I had my wisdom teeth pulled - sobbed for no reason! I'm glad JJ is taking care of you, as is Vera, I see! Take care and heal soon!!

Maija said...

were crying and all in a tither because you didn't have your morning Starbuck's!
Glad you are well!

Tola said...

oh feel better soon! love tola

Lani Gerity said...

Whew, what a color! Unbelievable!
Hope you get to feeling better really quick! Love, Lani

Doggeanie said...

I thought I would check up to see if there was any news, so glad you are at home... (with your late!) noticed your furibabe is looking after you too - don't keep on getting up for things though Kim, rest up while you can...

laura dellaporta said...

Ahhhh surgery... hope you are up & running real soon my friend!!! xoxo laura

Linda D. from Squam said...

Glad you're feeling better! LOVE the green foot! Here's wishing you the swiftest and complication-free recovery!

kecia said...

oh, i hope you feeling better. i know that disorientating feeling of coming out of surgery - it's a bit unsettling. glad nurse julie is so awesome - where do i get me one of them? ha!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

OMG OMG OMG I missed this the first time I came BY How could I have done that !!!you poooooor thing ouch!!!!!!!! I love that you love dogs Thanks for caring for so many!!! The dog left in the car was the just like yours on you bed , I sure hope Your knee is feeling better , My peanut just had her ACL repaired. 2 weeks ago " ouch" again to both of you. I am sending you healing love and thoughts !!! julie

vintage moon studio said...

Oh you poor baby!!! I know I am a bit late to the party but I hope that knee is on the mend. Oooo... makes me ache just thinking about it. Be well soon - sending hugs - make sure they dote on you!!!xox Deb

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh goodness...this looks PAINFUL. I hope you heal quickly but go easy on the caffeine. What will being a layabout -smile- you don't need jitters on top of everything else!

One Crabapple said...

Just keep exercising it

and telling Yourself

It WILL BE Worth It !

xoxoxox- Belated Get Well

and Hope You Are Feeling Better Already.

ouch !

Yes ! Your "Wicked" is Showing Thru !

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

OMG! I feel so badly that I just complained about a toe stub and LOOKSIE you got it good!!! *ouch*

So sorry to see your hang up.. hold on, IT WILL GET BETTER.. art tea life says it will!