Monday, May 11, 2009

reality tv~

i am not much the reality tv watcher, my mom watches multiple shows and so do several of my friends..i just dont like to have to responsible to be in front of the tv at required times during the week..well, except for this seasons "celebrity apprentice"
i love joan rivers
and knew she was going to WIN!! i get such a nervous stomach ache watching it though, it just goes into knots and as soon as its over, the ache in my tummy goes away, silly i know...
i cannot wait to watch QVC tonight and see what joan has to
say about it all.....!!!


beth said...

we had a celebrity apprentice party at our house last night....FINE, it was just us....but we treated it like a party with cookies and ice cream to wash down our pf changs.....and we had a BLAST !!!!!

I'm so glad annie didn't win....and at the was the best when she brought up her hands thinking donald was going to say, "you're hired"....OMG we died laughing over that !!!

kecia said...

she was so ruthless!