Sunday, August 19, 2007

weekend recap~

seriously busy this weekend!! friday night, we went to a friends home for a cookout and ended up staying until 2AM!!! he works with julie and is one of the happy hourclub originals...had a blast sitting around the fire pit just talking ....

saturday we celebrated the august birthdays at my cousin~sissy's was a gasssssssss! her sister~jen is back into the state, her hubby is in the airforce and they move around alot and we are ecstatic that they are back in ohio, their brother~jason and his family were there also, my niece ~sam basically watched all the kids in the pool which was so great for the adults we all sat around poolside and talked and ate and i so love to be around my cousins~sissy & jen, they are much more than cousins, we are more like sisters, seriously!!!!!
as our her brothers like my brothers, we all grew up together and lived around the corner from each other......... when heather was born they were so protective of her and really still are to this day!!!

sunday~today we were at the steak fry, this is my uncle's event that his club has every year in august...all the steak, tomatoes and corn on the cob you can eat!!!! yummy!!!

here is our group at the steak fry from the left: julies mom, julie, my cousin jason, his sister sissy, me and finally my sweet mom.....

we are big board game people~mostly scrabble who jasons usually ins, but recently we are so heavy into was a perfect ending to a wonderful weekend..i so love hanging out with my cousins at their home, it remeinds me so much of my grandmas home(my moms mom), my cousins mom is my moms sister and my cousins dad is my dads brother(got all that)..anyway, all in all i had a groovy weekend...................hope you all did too!!!



Kahshe Cottager said...

Wow .. some wonderful changes to your blog since I was last here! It looks great!!! Hope all works out for your daughter - too scary when things keep on like that. I am keeping both of you in my thoughts.

Trixie said...

What a wonderful weekend..your writing even sounds breathless! Keep up the fun and the family and enjoy it all!