Friday, August 10, 2007

another weekend road trip~

this weekend we are off to meadville, pa, home of allegheny college..this is where julie spent her college years and this weekend is the women's athletic sport reunion of sorts....i guess that is what you would call it..anyway, they will be doing sporty things on saturday, while i hunt down some coffee shops and browse through some thrift stores and then off to the beach at presque isle state park which has like 11 beaches....just waiting for me to find little treasures at each i will report back STAT if anything cool happens as i will have the laptop with me..otherwise see you on i leave you with some shots of presque isle..


Trixie said...

The views look lovely, and I take it all went well with the patient? Enjoy the beach hunting and looking for other treasures.

misty said...

sob. sob....sniff sniff...there it is, my beloved lake...and my home town...I grew up right on Park Ave in Meadville, until I was ten. Meadville has it's charm! Did you find Julian's Coffee Shop? The Artist's Cup? Pampered Palate? At least one should get you a good cup of coffee. ;-)
How nice it would have been to meet up with you all.
Have a most lovely weekend! xo

Julie H said...

What a beautiful set of photo's to tease us with. I too look forward to seeing your finds, and hearing your stories.

Kahshe Cottager said...

Nice photos especially the sunset - it is gorgeous! I am sure you will find lots to write about and photo here!

Your daughter is on the mend I hope.