Monday, August 20, 2007

not a good day!

you wouldnt think these sweet faces are the faces of destruction, would you??

i have been trying to let ruby and nelly stay out of their cages during the day, well

that hasnt been going to well..i am at my wits end today and am spitting mad at these three!!
isnt this a fine mess those three did??? today, i left to go to starbucks and hobby lobby, i was gone maybe 2hrs max, well they found the paper towels rolls from costco and decided to shred them, so the dining room was littered with paper towels, needless to say, ruby and nelly spent the rest of their day in their cages..and biggie hid ..i am still pretty livid about the whole thing and we are thinking about taking in a 1 1/2 yr old great dane...i am really nuts!!!


* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Ohhhhhhhh Nooooooooooooooo....they are rascals with a capital R!! Naughty, naughty, naughty. Hard to stay mad too long, I bet.

What is with these pets and paper?? Ms. Morgan pulls out kleenex and unrolls the toilet paper and there are bites taken out of all of them!!What could they possibly like about paper that must stick to the roof of their little mouths? I don't get it!!

'Clean-up Faerie' where are you??

Hugs ~ Rella

JJ said...

Yes, they have been a bit ornery the past few days…look at my poor office for goodness sakes…but as they say dogs will be dogs and who could resist those cute faces at the end of the day??

ButtercupElffly said...

Oh Mama, Our babies can be bad can they not!But you know they don't mean it..? Not really!!? My Nicky also has had his month. He ate old vegetables out of my compost bin, then came in the house and vomited it up on my bedroom rug.. Well I am still shampooing!!!


momadness said...

Oh my, the doggies can and do make such a mess sometimes (I have been there), bless their hearts--(but man, I bet they had fun)--and it is frustrating. Don't let it discourage you, tho; keep working with the little darlins'; perhaps soon they will associate appropriate behavior with not having to stay in the cages.

Laura said...


But so cute!!!

but really, really naughty.

I see my gal Chance Marie behaved herself though!

Trixie said...

OMG! Vandals are loose in your home!! Little scoundrals need a ride in the spanking machine! Okay, I did laugh quite a bit though when I saw what they did! A nanny cam of the action could of been worth cash!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

HMMMM.... I can TOTALLY RELATE with this SCENE.. my dachshund puppy is the PAPER TOWEL QUEEN...

I think she can SHRED a WHOLE ROLE in LESS than 30 seconds.

LOL... Awww.. MOM.. don't be MAD at us.. Batting our eyes and giving you our best our SWEET INNOCENT FACES!!!!


Julie H said...

Oh I am giggling, those puppies look so sweet, and I am guessing they had a lot of fun. Poor you though.

glitterangel said...

Ha ha, what little monsters! And they look so innocent!

kecia said...

oh my god - those are some naughty doggies! (bet they had some fun though.....)

sue said...

Having been a multiple dog owner for most of my life, I understand the frustration, but I'm also giggling like a damn fool! We had an afghan once that couldn't resist chewing up paper-preferably boxes of kleenex, but in a pinch a phone book did the trick:)

Deb said...

Been there, done that.
I had a Lhasa Apso who pulled the toilet paper from the bathroom in circles all over the house. It beats chewing up furniture, though. They are just bored & acting out, but hopefully before long they'll do better.
Hey - you need The Dog Whisperer. LOL


Dot said...

Your babies look so angelic Kim and are so naughty too! Looks like they hadfun making the mess :)

Dot said...

P.S My Ronnie cat LOVES rolls of papertowels and I cannot leave them lying around in my creative space. Or he 'kills' them!