Thursday, May 31, 2007

once in a blue moon~

people dont forget to check out the blue moon on the horizon tonight...
2full moons in this month of may = the blue moon.....

ps..dont forget to leave your name/comment on my sunday blog entry-eye candy for

drawing tomorrow-friday!!!



Laura said...

I love the moon!!!!!

Kristina said...

Well you know I'm all about those Blue Moons! :+)

ButtercupElffly said...

Hi whichy, Yes I heard it was suppose to blue, well I had a red moon for three nights, No blue moon at Bee's.. On May 11 th we had the most magnificent Red sun it was unbelievable & huge -->of course I was in my truck NO camera<-- it was worth getting up for that day never seen on like that in my life..


stephanie said...

Yes, it was a blue moon!! how cool, but our skies were totally cloudy and we could not see it!

thanks for your sweet comments,