Wednesday, May 30, 2007


this spring we have seen a variety of wildlife that we havent seen before!!
we know that we have deer around us but have never really seen any on our property, well last night we had a little fellow show up and i am hoping that his mama was close by and keeping her eye on him or darn sweet this creature is!! i am always a wreck driving home at night as i am always afraid one will dart out and i will not see it soon enough!

i couldnt believe my eyes last week when i was pulling into our driveway which is close to 800ft long and i saw a pair of birds and i swear i said-you have got to be kidding me-PHEASANTS!!!

well i thought they were just stopping by but low and behold they are still here and living in our field that we do not is pretty cool and they were here again tonight, they make a strange sort of sound, i think that its mate was calling out for the other one, he was over at the neighbors pond....will keep you updated on anymore wildlife spottings!!!


ps..i couldnt get a good picture of this but our fireflies or lightning bugs are spectacular this year, they are like glistening diamonds lin our fields, just beautiful, now we have always had a great show put on by the fireflies but this year, they are really amazing!!! is anyone else experiencing this??? let me know!!


Trixie said...

Lookie at that cute, adorable baby fawn! And your pheasant is quite a dandy himself! There was a full grown deer in our back yard, but she likes to eat my shrubs - thereby making her a tad pesky. Gotta love wildlife!

ally said...

Wow that is totally cool! The pheasant is a pretty looking bird. We saw a deer a few weeks ago in the childrens school yard...a big one too, just hopping around. All the kids screamed with joy at see such a beautiful animal.

DonnaG said...

I am so jealous - wildlife and fireflies. It sounds like a magic forest.

Kahshe Cottager said...

Love spring! Love these photos! What wonderful sights you have to share - I am so glad you were able to get the photos. I adore fireflies!

Cindy Dean said...

I love the picture of the deer. So sweet and innocent. I just found your blog and I love it.

Laura said...

When I was at my Dad's there were phesents and they are so beautiful!!! Can't wait to visit your place!

Beth said... gotta love mother nature and all her creatures. We haven't seen any baby deer yet, just big ones. And those wild turkeys are just goofy looking.

The pheasants you have are beautiful and I'd be thrilled if they wanted to stay at my B & B !!You must be a great hostess !!!!

The barn swallows are having a fun time with our new deck....pesky, but they eat the bugs !!!!

Anonymous said...

the little fawn is sooooo adorable! how lucky to see such a sweetie!

Julie H said...

They know they are safe with you sweet Kim.