Friday, June 01, 2007

cleveland cavaliers*

okay you are probably wondering why i am posting basketball pictures, well i
L-O-V-E lebron james, number 23 and he just happens to play for the cleveland cavaliers ..they are in the eastern conference finals and hopefully will clinch the series finals tomorrow night in cleveland!!
he is so the new michael jordan

this is a totally cool mural on the side of a building just outside the area when the cavs play...
GO CAVS!!!!!!!!!!!


Trixie said...

A basketball fan? Who knew? I do believe that MJ is hotter than Labron, but I am a original south suburban Chicago go figure!

Laura said...

Hope your team wins!!!! But be careful when you come to the House of Duet.....MJ is the one and the only around here according to Mr. Duet, so ixnay on Lebron talk!!!

Go Cavs!!!