Tuesday, May 01, 2007

meeting sammy!

i am blessed that i have met such truly wonderful people from the blogging community and tonight was no different...sammy from my fav blog list(http://sammystuff.blogspot.com/// ) is in town for the AFIC(http://www.cyndysdolls.com/AFIC/AFIC.htm) so knowing that, there was no way i was going to let myself not see her and meet her in person, so we arrange to meet for dinner as she is staying with one of the teachers-dot lewallen-the speedie beader(http://www.wideopenwest.com/~clewallen3098/) so i went over to dot's home and visited with her & sammy in dots studio-wow, what beautiful beading and dolls -dot creates!! check her site out..and sammy, what a thrill to be in her midst, such a sweet, loving creative soul she is and she loves her pickles and was needing her fix as she hasnt had any for 2days, we fixed that when we went to dinner, but before that we went to dot's friend -judy skeel(http://www.skeelhaven.com/) another artist and her dolls are beautiful and faeries!! you all know how i love my faeries, check her site out for some eye candy..all in all i had a wonderful time tonight and such a wonderful warm feeling i had meeting sammy and dot and judy..i hope to see them on sunday again when i stop by their convention for a little browsing of the dolls and the vendors!!!
sammy with her pickles!!
me & sammy and her plate of pickles

sammy, myself, dot(across from me) and judy at max & ermas


Anonymous said...

I Miss you so so much sister, I need to be creative with you! You inspire me beyond belief! Have a grand week!

stephanie said...

Thank you for introducing me to these women! What a great time you must have had!

Dotee said...

I am so happy you got to meet Sammy, Dot and Judy! It looks like you all had so much fun together.

Love the photo of Sammy with her pickles! Looks like you all had a lot of fun...Sammy seems like such a lovely lady on her blog. So talented, loving and generous. I knew she would be just as special in person.

And lucky you seeing Dot's studio. That must have been sooo exciting.

Love reading stories about my blogging friends meeting. Just love it!!