Monday, November 09, 2009

look at these~

i went with julies mom yesterday to a cute shop that was having
their christmas open house.
the shop was decorated with lots of themed christmas trees and holiday decorations really put you in the spirit! they also have sprinkled throughout the shop various trinkets and vintage items! imagine me squealing with delight when i found these 2 books! they were a steal!
the covers are old and worn and the spines are holding on by threads which is fine with me as i will be
repurposing the covers!...
inside the larger book is a lined journal with red numbered pages in the top corner of the pages....
someone had started collecting recipes in this book.
also in the book
was a health crusaders certification dated 1919!!! i love creating a story in my mind who had these books and what their family and household were like and how they dressed and did they have pets and what kind of cars or transportation did they use..
all these questions are answered my mind much like a movie, lol..
does anyone else weave these stories with their treasures that they find out and about??
i just love finding unexpected treasures...


Heather said...

What wonderful finds! What is the name of the shop??

Deborah said...

Good find! At least someone can find something worthwhile in that shop.

beth said...

ummm's me and you know my answer to that question without even asking....oh wait, I guess there are other people who stop by here and it's not all about me....sheesh, how selfish of me ? hee hee

and now if I could just find the books we love like that INSIDE the houses I there's a dream !

Princess Crystal said...

Oh wow, that's really amazing. What a great piece of history.