Saturday, November 28, 2009

the day after~

i was really tired after all the black friday shopping so i decided to sleep in, sometimes that isnt always that easy when most of the dogs sleep in your bedroom....most of time they just all go back to sleep after julie lets them out early in the a.m....i wasnt so lucky this time...vera was just not tired and ruby spotted the neighbors doing stuff in their garage and wouldnt stop
so i decided to get up shower and then head off to starbucks..
today we were on the hunt for the vintage lighted outdoor candle that you all
had growing you think i can find them at any target-like store...heck no!!!
we went to evry friggin discount store and no one had them..
we bought the plastic santa last year
at walmart and we should had bought the candle, sheesh! what is the deal!
so after putting up some wreaths and hanging some giant christmas bulbs, i decided to clean out the flower beds since i didnt do it in september and i have to say it looks really nice, we have a little more to do tomorrow before the football games start
and julie becomes suddenly busy.....
so here is a few pictures of are minimal decorations, lol.......gargoyle needed at little ho ho ho!!
are you naughty or nice??


beth said...

you crack me up...

you shopped on black friday ? have I not taught you anything ?....hee hee

love the that julie's hat ?

Ellen Lyn said...

You forgot about that pesky friend that called you before you managed to get out of bed.....sorry but I would never have guessed you'd've had the patience for Black Friday! NEV-AH!

Love your festive decorations....are you looking for one of those giant plastic candles about 2' tall??

Laura said...

I LOVE your Santa at the front door. Classic!!!! Get lots of napping in today!!!

JJ said...

Candles at Menards...can we make it before they are going, going, gone?

Maija said...

I'd like to think I am naughty!

Jill Marie Shulse said...

the gargoyle adds such a festive touch!