Thursday, November 12, 2009

fall roadtrip~

well, havent been on a roadtrip in a few months, julies mountain biking club has a rendezvous
in north carolina, so we packed up the suv and heading south to north carolina for the weekend! looking forwarding to going to the national park in the great smoke mountains
and finding some good trinkets and treasures on the way......

hope you all have a wonderful sunny weekend!



misty said...

a bike club rendezvous...that sounds so swanky. lol. ;)
have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time & safe travels. xoxoxoxo

beth said...

safe travels, you two !
I'm sure the photos and memories will be amazing !

Maija said...

Have such a fun time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kim guess what Ceasar Milan's in the UK, he was on our Paul OGrady show, and hes touring in March, he will be at Manchester and Liverpool and I hope to go and see him soo ooooh excited, love to all you guys and your furry babes,
love Gina (cant log on to my google blog today for some reason sorry)