Thursday, November 05, 2009


i was recently asked to submit a piece to the true to form exhibit and silent auction for
charity to benefit breast cancer..the silent auction runs through december 5th...
each artist was given a blank mannequin to create as
they was very cool to see how each mannequin was embellished with each artists unique style..below are some of the artists pieces....hmmmm...which one is mine????
thanks for stopping by for a look see..


Anonymous said...

What I great idea. They are lovely.

beth said...

the black and silver one is yours...I know it is !!!
what is the head/top part made of ???
feathers ?

Crystal said...

OMG they are all so stunning and so different. My favorite is the lacey one with all the butterflies.
I am agreeing with Beth and saying that the black and silver one is yours.

Anonymous said...

Your piece is wonderful! I love the crow and the black and white graphic look on the body - is it fabric?