Saturday, July 11, 2009

weekend randomness~

thank- you... thank-you.....thank-you
for all the well wishes to julies mom from this wonderful blogging community!!!!
she is doing wonderful and feeling so much better...
there is power in prayer!!
yesterday was a rainy saturday and i knew something was in the air as my bad knee
was aching something terrible friday night..
saturday morning it felt fine once the rain started,
i guess there is some truth to that old wives tale...
today is sunday and it is hot humid and hazy...
went to get a new wireless card for the computers,
the recent one died 7days after the warranty expired..
doesnt that stink!!
oh well we did get a rebate so it was pretty cheap in the long run....

this pretty girl is of my daughters dogs, she decided to stay on for awhile after we returned from vally ridge in june..

biggie with one of his toys..

ruby and kaj..i love this picture, they are like cats to lay in the sun..

julie and i were driving around and i wanted to see my grandmas house that i remember from my childhood, boy it sure looks small, i so remember it being so much bigger, but it still looks in great condition!! good memories..

this is the church my parents got married in, the name is changed which i find interesting..why would they have to change the name of the church? it still is in great condition too....

okay that is all i got and i am so so happy to be back online.....


Candace said...

Well, I am a real sucker for a dog so you know I enjoyed this post. That little Honey is just the cutest!

I am so glad your knee continues to talk to you... getting better, of course, but still having pain at this point is "normal". I have a knee that gives me frequent weather reports, too!
Take care!
Candace in Athens x

ooglebloops said...

Great puppy pix!! Honey is just that!!!:>)

Ellen Lyn said...

That Honey IS a cutie! But don't tell my little Nellie!

Can't wait to see you! And, yes, I got the blue necklace but would like more info on Lani's special package. Hmmmm.


Maija said...

I'm glad you are back on line! I'm happy Julie's mom is better, and I am loving all the photos of the "beasts"!