Thursday, July 16, 2009

some thursday randomness and giveaway~

has anyone had the cheery cherry tart from starbucks???


run out right now and get one...they are the best cherry tarts/pies

in the world


i know my pie..

the crust is some flakey goodness with sprinkles of sugar on the top

and of course

at home i will top with my staple of

cool whip original as shown below!

i made this necklace inspired by one my friend katie had on during one of my valley ride class.

my daughter doesnt like it which is fine, cant please everyone, right?

my pages for a round robin, theme was reflection of yourself..okay, isnt this picture of biggie adorable..gawd i so adore him....

so leave me your favorite pie and i will draw a name on monday night for a starbucks card, so you can try the cheery cherry pie!!!


Laura said...

That picture of Biggie is just so damn cute!!!!!! And I loved the previous pics of the Great Danes! Love your new necklace too! Love you!

Julie H said...

What a wonderful photo of Biggie - those ears - so cute.

Love the necklace! Is it heavy? Looks fantastic.

And it is thousands of km's to a starbucks, so leave me out of the draw friend, but it looks lovely.

Ellen Lyn said...

Love it! Not the pie, the necklace...and the pic of Biggie, haven't had the pie yet. My favorite pie is a banana cherry cream pie with sliced bananas over flakey, homemade crust, a cream cheese-cool whip-confectioner's sugar filling and cherries on the top. Can you tell, I love it? And, I am having me some starbucks tart tomorrow, Tart!!! xoxo!

beth said...

oh man...I'm totally putting my name in that hat of yours and if I win, I'll be drinking tea with mine though....but you already knew that !

and biggie in motion...too cute !

and I bet that necklace looks amazing on you, no ?

Lani Gerity said...

Strawberry rhubarb pie!!!
But I'd be happy to try a starbucks strawberry pie!
That is one amazing necklace!

martha brown said...

The necklace is great! And all of your dogs are amazing!! (and huge! -- you must spend a small fortune on food :)

kecia said...

biggie is such a doll baby! favorite pie.... let's see - i absolutely LOVE chocolate pudding pie in a graham cracker crust! yum yum yum. come on over to my blog and see what happened to me today.

Kelly said...

that is such a great photo of your beautiful dog! what a happy face. and i think the necklace is fab, too. now about pie. i'm not a huge pie person. but if there is cherry pie, i have to have some. i will definitely be trying this pie!

Maija said...

Cherry pie of course!
I love your necklace....maybe it would fit Biggie!

Doggeanie said...

Hi Kim, love the pics of the pie and specially Biggie, - you were right, things are getting a bit better. I sure miss Jackory but it is getting a bit better....

love the spider/web pics, and your necklace. I am very envious of the figure of the model though - I shall go and wave a magic wand he he he...xxxif only!