Thursday, September 18, 2008

lights still out at good manor~

well, we came home monday late afternoon to no electricity due to the category 1 gale force winds brought on by hurricane ike.....
over 1millions central ohioans were without power on
sunday night and many many still are LIKE US!! so we have been showering
at our dear friend sharons home and had a lovely dinner with her last night...
she is a real jewel and her southern charm is so infectious!
being around her and nina last week, i caught myself saying y'all quite frequently! lol..
i will post more about the WONDERFUL retreat when the electric comes back on...
some are saying Friday but most are saying Sunday, ugh!
i know it could be alot worse and am thankful it is only the electric that is off and good manor is still in tack and the dogs are all fine....
ps...below are pictures from the area surrounding good manor and the wind damage
and me blow drying my hair with the computer ac adapter hooked up in the SUV
on our way to dinner monday night, lol..



Hurricane Ike was not very nice! I have family up in Houston and surrounding areas that are still dealing with the aftermath of that powerful storm. We thought for awhile that we might have to flee, but our house became a place of refuge instead. I hope your power is restored soon. - Teresa

Beth said...

WOW...did you guys ever get hit....I just can't believe it...I mean OHIO, come on already !!!

Glad that y'all are managing okay and that SHARON, well what a dear one she !!!!

and totally LOL on the hair drying in the are a gem !!!

Jill Marie Shulse said...

OMG! I can't believe you are feeling Ike like that in Ohio!!! Geesh! Man...those's amazing how much damage a storm can do!

Blow-drying your hair in the car-that's tooooo funny!
I also love all the pics from your trip...
NICE purple bandana, by the way!!!
Love Ya!!

Cindy Forrester said...

Wow, you guys got hit hard!!! Glad your house and dogs were OK during all of that.

You crack me smart.... Yall!!!

misty said...

omg! STILL? at least it's not winter. cold showers? wish i lived closer, you could come on over!
missing you all, hello to Sharon, it makes me so happy thinking about all of you sharing dinner and time together.

Julie H said...

Oh Kim I do hope y'all have power soon. What a trying time for you. Love the ingenuit with the hairdryer.

Kim Carney said...

The damage from Ike is unbelievable, have been covering it all week at work.
Kim (the other Kim) ;)