Saturday, September 13, 2008

well, i am here at a beautiful retreat and i could kick myself that i didnt stay on campus at the camp!! the camp is beautiful and clean and the cabins are darling!! i am serious it is EXACTLY
like the movie "dirty dancing"..if you close your eyes, you can hear patrick swayze saying"nobody puts baby in the corner"..the lake is pristine and loons are singing the most beautiful haunting music......todays pictures are from tuesdays drive ..we went a rural route so we could go to a couple cemeteries including roberts posts resting place and a cool haunted house!!

st james cemetery

look at these headstones, kinda children of the cornish....the majority of these headstones are from the 1800s
sharon talking pictures
this is the oldest in in vermont dating back to the 1700s

several dignitaries have stayed in this inn, someone supposedly lives here but i find it hard to believe, i just think it is staged to look this way because it really is in bad shape....but cool!okay that is all for today, please be careful with traveling due to the



martha brown said...

That inn is very cool --- and very haunted looking -- I'd love directions so I can see it in person!

Trixie said...

I love Vermont! Lots of family history there. Thanks for the flashbacks and ENJOY!!

kecia said...

gorgeous! i'm going with you guys next year and we will stay on the campus. it looked like a fun retreat. i would have enjoyed the loons.