Tuesday, September 02, 2008


okay people~

today i found out i have an ear infection !!

i knew something was going on as my ear has been

hurting when touched..what is funny is i have never had

an ear infection in all my many many many years!!

i kinda am proud to have one!!!

i know this entry is lame but hey its my blog, lol, right?

ps, i am on antibiotics


Ellen Lyn said...

You weren't kiddin' about the dork post, were you? I about blew Coke and Cheetos all over the screen when your blog popped up. And stop copying me!

Seriously, hope you feel better soon and remember to drink some milk or have some pineapple upside down cake with the moxi'!


dogfaeriex5 said...

it is a dork post but it is funny, right? and after julie fixed tacos for dinner i am working on my second ring on the cake!! lol

JJ said...

right on ellen...d.o.r.k...i don't know anyone else who would be so proud of an ear infection.

kecia said...

sorry about your ear infection! i'm convinenced that is why i have a hearing loss is from all the ear infections i had growing up! do you have to use drops too? those always grossed me out!

Doggeanie said...

wishing you better kim, dont understand the thing about the dark post (am getting thicker in every way as i am getting older!)
Gina and Jackoryx (with healing dust!)

Tola said...

eat some yogurt to avoid a yeast infection. luvya!

Beth said...

ditto with what ellen said....except for me, it was just now, with hot tea and my brakfast bar...time to find the windex !!!

Laura said...

I love dorky posts...and I can't complain since I have not done a new post in forever! Hope you feel better really soon...ear infections can hurt!

celeste said...

ouch...i hope you feel better soon...antibiotics usually help with that very quickly.
i hope it doesn't keep you from doing art.

Jill Marie Shulse said...

Sorry to hear about your ear infection, sweetie!! Hope it clears up soon.
By the way, NICE diagram of the inner ear!! LOL

Sharon Andrews said...

Miss Kim, I am glad you are feeling better! I am looking forward to our "road trip." Sorry I have not posted a comment before now on your blog. I have much to learn about ~blogland.~
hugs, Sharon