Monday, September 15, 2008

going home~

well, that hurricane ike will just not let us get home!! we pulled out of holderness, nh yesterday morning at 730am and after some vista stops we were forced to stop and spend the night in rochester, sharon our master planner got us a return visit at the hotel we spent the night in last monday!! anyway, i will post the pictures of the awesome retreat during the weekend...but i wanted to focus on the return home we get up to a cloudy rain soaked clouds and across the drive, we see all these boats and fishermen in rain slickers and then julie says it a fishing tournament so that was pretty cool...

this is the most darlingest little diner that was in a antique mall was heaven..

i finally got my pancakes and maple syrup!!the napkins were these great bandanas......

of course i had to have a purple one!!beautiful gorge in quechee state park..

covered bridge in woodstock, vt

arent i attractive!! check out my purple bandana!

all these beautiful pictures are courtesy of our wonderful friend and co-pilot~sharon! andrews!



Heather, said...

did you keep that purple bandana napkin, you silly girl!? hope you're hope snug and sound by now! xo heather

Beth said...

love you guys....and that bandana...OMG, it's the best !!!

One Crabapple said...

Wow its beautiful even in the rain !

Looking forward to your take on the art retreat.

Everything I have seen so far , it sure looks great!

I think the Purple Bandana looks great !

and ooooh, I would love to be sitting cozy in that diner RIGHT NOW , I got such a feeling from your pictures.

Laura said...

That stop on the way home looks like a slice of heaven!!!!!! Yummy!

Can't wait for more updates!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Love the purple bandana faeriefriend!! And look wonderful!! I hope the power comes back soon to Good and good wishes to you, Jules, and all the four legged friends.
xox Rella