Wednesday, July 02, 2008

im back~

julie got home a few hours ago picked me up from work and headed home

with a pepperoni & cheese pizza just in time to watch cesar milan-

"the dog whisperer"

on QVC...

okay, that is one of my dirty secrets, I love QVC!!!

anyway, enough of that piece of info!

onward and upward..

julie toured the winery named castle di amorosa

it is a reproduction of a castle built to the exact standards of how they were built

back in the 10 to 17th century...

meaning the castle and the interior were done by hand...

go to the website and check it out...

these are the 3bottles that she brought home for us to try...

we have been getting into wine a little more as

we went to an in home wine party that is based out of napa
and the wine, most of it I LOVED and we are having our party next month!!
it was awesome and quite reasonable!!!

okay that is it for tonight!



Ellen Lyn said...

Mmmm, pizza...that's what we had tonight too! But no QVC 'cause MY dirty little secret is on--I'm watching a rerun of the DOG--I haven't seen it before, just in case you were thinking I was REALLY nutty! =)

vintage moon studio said...

Oh yeah! Pizza (I just made some for dinner... pesto and fresh mozzarella) and beaucoup de vino. My idea of heaven :) Have a wonderful holiday weekend! xo Deb

Laura said...

wow, that castle is totally cool! I would love to hang out there for a weekend!

I wish I liked wine!!!! It would be fun!!!

One Crabapple said...

Wow that place is amazing

And here is a tip !
(because we are winos too)

Almost anything California 2005 is a Good Buy because we had alot of rain that year and lots of it is out on shelves now.

mmm. Frog's Leap - pretty good. And a cheap one I just found and was surprised over (only 20$) is a label MANTRA (both 2005 that I tried)

Your party sounds FUN !

Good Luck.

Do you have a Whole Foods there ? Try the Rembrandt Gouda too to go with --- it seems strange at first but soon you know why it is called Rembrandt (spell that ?)

I am sure you will have lots of hot labels to share after your parTAY

Julie H said...

The party sounds like fun, and the wine ... just what I need.. have one for me.