Tuesday, July 22, 2008

sally jean rocks~

here is the room we stayed in for the class. we stayed in a nice b&b in ypsilanti, michigan
the room totally matches my handbag sitting on the bed, everthing was purple, my fav color!

julie and lani at this great thai restaurant that the locals recommended
lani flew in from nova scotia to take sally jeans class!
if you ever get the chance to take a sally jean class, be like Nike and

sally jean and hubby-brad rock!
they are so wonderfully kind and generous
and answered any questions about supplies, paint, glass cutting,
you name they would answer...
she is know ranked in my top fav teacher lists.
i just loved the whole experience
and here are the results, now they arent polishedbut i love how they turned out
especially this big girl!!!


kecia said...

your charms turned out wonderful! especially so shiny. love the doggie charm the best. too cute.

Maija said...

Whata great trip you must have had!!! Your charms are fabulous! So lucky you got to see Lani, and my darling friend Martha!

martha brown said...

I did speak to you!!! But I didn't know it was YOU, LOL! And Lani!! I've talked to her by email -- I didn't know she was going-- I had no idea who everyone was! (we should have worn name tags -- with our blog names, and our hometowns :)
(I was the one who said that I recognized you from ArtFest!)
Your charms are great!
(I've been to your blog lots of times but I didn't put your face and your blog together)

Trixie said...

Love, love, love your newest art craze! I expect to see lots of posts with awesome charms and "pretty little things" showing. I also really like your new avatar!

Laura said...

Wow! The room was so cool! and your charms are just the best!!! So glad you were able to do this!!!!

Beth said...

Love the charms !!!!

and now I want to take her class....right now !!!!

Kelly Snelling_Soulhumming.typepad.com said...

you made some pretty, pretty charms, kim. that's too funny that you and martha were in the same class but didn't know it.

Ellen Lyn said...

Were you guys drinking margaritas at the restaurant--or some type of Thai concoction, perhaps? Lj looks like she was having a good ol' time....and I'm SURE she was, b/c she was with you two!! Love your charms!!!!

Dawnie said...

You lucky gal and fabo pieces you created.Sounds like you had a grand time

Hug ya
Dawnie T

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Gorgeousness!!!Just the thing you two needed.

xo FaerieRella

Lani Gerity said...

It's all true!
What a marvelous teacher!
What marvelous friends!

Now I need to go post my images from my class.

Dot said...

I think your charms are WONDERFUL! And it sounds like a very special class. I love watching your art develop and evolve. You are such a talent (and such a beautiful person too).

sammy said...

Kim, love the charms you did... you look as if you had the best time on your trip to the State fair... thanks for sharing your pics and lady thanks for sharing you with all of us! big hugs my friend!