Monday, May 12, 2008

weekend recap~

we had an impromptu bonfire saturday and lots of folks showed up and
it was our biggest yet!!
hot dogs and s'mores went fast!
julie, deb, kelly and heather showed up first to get a good seat
little miss vera stayed out until midnight
and slept in sunday morning

the toads are back...
monday mail call..
i love this!!

a belated gift from my friend and fellow faerie-briteraven

it is the perfect necklace for me!!ok, this box of goodies is from bee shay!

she is always in charge of the ATC/Fatbook artfest bookswaps

she was cleaning house and posted that she would take

the first 2people who sent her the postage..

well i was so lucky to get

this awesome box of inspiration!!!!! thats it for today, i dont mind telling you

that is friggin freezing and dreary and rainy here...


we are having homemade mac n cheese tonight..



kecia said...

oh, your bonfire looked fun! i love how you guys are all bundled up and julie is wearing shorts! it was cold, windy and rainy here yesterday. i felt so bad for the birds! it is nicer today. i'm glad you got a class with Sally Jean. you will learn so much! tell Mr. Sally Jean that Kecia said hi. you totally scored with your box of goodies from Beeshay! i wanted to go through that box just looking at the pictures. Happy Mother's Day!

Beth said...

I hear you on the weather...when will ever really see warmth that stays for more than an hour ?

And the those...well mostly it's the s'mores that I love !!

Laura said...

Oooba dooba!! That bonfire looks fun!!!!!!!! Also, that loot you hauled in from the world of art looks yummy!!!!! Fun!!!

Maija said...

That lot looks beautiful!!

Loving Her Beautiful said...

Ah, bonfires! Especially ones that start with the sun still out, then burn bright into the night with family and friends hanging around, jsut being together. Thanks for the memories!

Trixie said...

What an awsome mail day!! I also love your new avatar...maybe you have had it for a while, but I have been a busy little girl. Thanks for sharing!!