Monday, May 05, 2008

sunday doings

yesterday we went and looked at this house located in granville, ohio
home to dennison university, it is a darling small town with lots of charm
we didnt actually go inside byt drove up to the home
we will be setting up an appointment
to do so soonthese beautiful horses are located a hop, skip and a jump from the house we looked athere is main street in granville so very very cute!!julie enjoying the rootbeerfloats we bought at the ice cream salon
just some beautiful fuzzy flowers on the other side of main street
we ended the day with a cookout at julies aunt/uncles home
gawd, the food was great!!
my friend sue at artful adventures tagged me for the
which is so nice, i met sue at valley ridge last summer
in a class taught by nina bagley..she is a wonderful artist and a fellow animal lover,
go give her blog a look see....
i have been tagged before and meant to post about it
but it always goes by the wayside,
so i am publicly apologizing to my friends that i didnt post
but it didnt mean i didnt appreciate it because i do
and it is hard to choose 5people to nominate
so i nominate all the blogs i have listed
because they are listed as great and inspiring blogs to visit!!


Trixie said...

The house is delightful, the neighborhood beyond charming and the town just right! And a University town to boot! Gotta love the opportunities for growth available there. One of the schools I work at is in Granville IL.! I LOVED THE SCENIC RIDE!!

Naturegirl said...

Love the location of this house!! To be near the horses a dream for me!
Congrats on reciving the award! I know how it is when one gets behind in posting these things! Home now AZ is GRAND! hugs NG

sue pieper said...

The house that you're looking at, and the setting, looks like a little bit of heaven. We live in a rural area, with horses next door, I always love it when I hear those hooves clip-clopping down the road as they go past the house. Can't wait to see you in August!

misty said...

oh that house looks like it would be perfect for you!
rootbeer floats...yum!


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

OOoOOOooo Kim.. I REALLY like this charming home!!!! That is SO COOL! Horses and everything.