Thursday, May 22, 2008


please send healing thoughts to this little furry sweet faced pup named smudge
we want him to walk again and i know our blogging community can work miracles...

i found out about smudge from the sister of follow your bliss fame
you can see more on smudge over at elizabeths blog
ps..thank you from my heart and all my furry faced animals hearts


eb said...

Smudge and I thank you - some tail wagging today - yes let's work some energetic healing here - ok Smudge?

xox - eb.

Jill said...

Run Smudge Run!!!!
thank you for your thoughts and prayers...
You are right... the blogging community is a strong force!

Anonymous said...

Special prayers to St. Francis for the little sweetie!

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh man, now I want one of THOSE chocolates!! lol. Thanks for coming by! Love your wig! Don't know what you looked like before, but you look quite dashing now. Have you taken from all those gals you have listed on your side bar??? Laurie