Friday, May 30, 2008

friday the 30th

today was rather busy, had to be at the doctors for 2week post checkup after my surgery!
everything is fine and dandy, then off to see ashley at the hair salon to get my wig busted! lol
i felt like i was there all day as the salon was super busy...anyway, came home took a nap
(love my naps)..
julie came home and we are off to have dinner at minicos ~one of our fav pizza places!
me driving there
just a little hole in the wall place...
those are the best places arent they??

julie was at the memorial tournament all day..

she is going back tomorrow, i really hate golf, too boring and too too quiet!!

look for her on tv, she probably will have her yankees ballcap on!

me an my new doo!! the back is super short..this picture is not flattering at all..

ugh!! on well!!

look at this delish pizza, yummo!!!!!


Ellen Lyn said...

Both the do and the pizza look yummy!! Have you mailed your final payment yet??????

Cynthetic said...

Yum yum pizza!! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the beagle bitchez. LOL Hope you and your gang are doing well!!

Laura said...

love these pics!!!!! you guys must have had fun!!! so cute!!!

that pizza looks good!! can we have it when we come to town???

love you guys!!!

I feel better today!

kecia said...

i love the new do! the color is quite fun. i agree, those hole in the wall restaurants are usually the best! pizza looks really yummy.

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Now if I could just reach in and take a piece of that yummo pizza!! Your hair is divine Miss Thang!!!!

muchfaerieluv xo Rella

Maija said...

I LOVE your new do!! I'm thinking of going pixie this week. I hate taking care of my hair.
Glad you got a clean bill of health.
Julie looks like she's about 12 in that photo!!

Beth said...

love the hair...and the pizza and the snake and the toad....lots of great pics !!!