Saturday, March 22, 2008

weather related~

okay people......
i havent been posting as the modem is on the fritz...that 48hr rainstorm really did a number on the computer in the that is why i havent been posting and right now i am at work trying to get this in before the day starts, ugh! plus i am anyway, that is that and hoping that it gets fixed SOON~~~
picture is from flickr


Trixie said...

Here is to computer health as well as your own! Cheers and happy Easter!

Laura said...

I hope it gets fixed soon!!!! I want to know what is going on over there!

I am supposed to be studying right now, but I am blog hopping!!! Which I feel is my right as I have not been able to do it all week!

So school can just shut it down right now!!!!

Hope you are having a fun Sunday and gearing up for your big day tomorrow!