Sunday, March 02, 2008

a good month~

~this is a good month!!

why you ask....

because it is


birthday month

yep that is right

so i started celebrating yesterday


will keep on celebrating right up to the end!!!

my zodiac sign is ARIES the Ram and i am true to my sign

i am quick tempered , daring, self-assertive, intelligent, leadership qualities,

very impatient, domineering, noted for courage,

need for excitement, headstrong nature,

proud, arrogant, brash, tend to say things without thinking

Symbol: The Ram
Ruling Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Cross/Quality: Cardinal
Group: Emotional
House Ruled: First
Polarity: Positive
Opposite Sign: Libra
Favorable Colors: White & Red
Lucky Gem: Diamond
Key Body Part: Head
Period: March 21 - April 19

and i love CAKE!!!!!

so i might just have to have a

little cake everyday..

you know i can have my

cake and eat it to!

red velvet is my favorite....


Beth said...

Let me the first to wish you a wonderful birthday....MONTH !!!!

That's how I celebrate also !!! Not just a day for me way....I'm a LEO for cripes sake, so 24 hours isn't enough time to recognize me either !!!

Enjoy being spoiled this month and then back to reality in April !!!

Trixie said...

Happy Birthday month to you! Where do you go to find out all that info about your birth sign? Such a bevy of info and inspiration you are!

Ellen Lyn said...

Happy Birthday Month, Dear Sweet Kim!!!!!!!!

misty mawn said...

I am an aries, too....hmm.
you can have march, but I get April! ;-) xoxo

Shari said...

Happy Birthday Month, Kim! I say eat that cake - every single day - and smile! xoxo Shari

Laura said...



Happy Birthday month!!!!!!!!

kecia said...

happy birthday month to you! you know dillon and you have the same b-day, right? anyway, i've got your b-day package started!
xoxo kEcIa

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

OMG.. KIM.. WEll.. BIRTHDAY GIRL.. I will have to wrap up something special for you!!!

I am an ARIES too.. but I don't get to start celebrating until NEXT month..