Wednesday, March 26, 2008

still down~

the computer is still down and now i have a cold!!

great just what i want days before artfest!!!


sneezing like a fool and a head full of snot...

lovely picture that paints!!
so i decided to add a couple of pictures of
st bernards that i found on flicker.
look at the second guys paws...

ps and thank~you

for all the special birthday wishes, it made my day all the more special



Laura said...

hope you get well soon!!!!!

when do you leave for the festivities?

ButtercupElffly said...

HI Kim, I was wondering where you had got off to?? I sent you a e-card for your B day and I did not get a pick up notice? So I had to come over to "the blog" to see what was up!!
Broken computer.. Your New one.. ?RATS!!!

Hugs and get well soon...

PS; Cool pictures

Beth said...

Okay girl....ya just CAN'T be sick for artfest !!!

So go gitche some(my southern side chiming in) zicam and mucinex...and wash that down with dayquil and nyquil.....

at least that's what I did the last time my litle tater was sick and gosh darn if he didn't get real better in a jiffy !!!

*not sure why my southern side decided to come out and play today....maybe she just wanted to make you feel better with a good old laugh !!!!

Maija said...

Please get better!
I love St. Bernard's. My parents used to breed them when I was a little girl-they have huge litters!

Trixie said...

Cute puppies! Get well soon! I hope your Mary Kay goodies made it over your way.

Cambria said...

I love those dogs. I wish I could go to Artfest. I'm only 12, but I am an artist. I have a site on ETSY and my own blog about the semi-precious stone jewelry I make. I told my Mom that I really want to do ArtFest next year. Cambria

Laura said...

Hey, you guys are leaving for Artfest tomorrow right???

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Will be waiting anxiously for news of how everything was!!!