Tuesday, March 04, 2008

finished swap project and mail art

i joined the hippipty hop easter easter swap put on by

it is due to her on the 7th...nothing like waiting to the end to finish my project..

but that is sooo me and i lost my original project when we were getting the
house ready for a showing last friday, so i had to start up another project that

really didnt turn out like i wanted but then it took a turn for the wonderful

and it was a happy accident..so girls do not look if you are in the GOLD group.....hey lookie at my surprise left by our postal lady!!!

another swap i joined

a one for one nest swap

and funny that my partner was the talented


the nest looks like a little birdie took bits and pieces of

thread and wove my nest

the birdie and egg are handmade

very, very sweet..

another addition to my birdie sideboard!!



Maija said...

For ONCE, I didn't wait til the last minute! Your goodies look awesome!
I love the felted bird in your nest from Kecia. She made a very pretty one for me at ArtNest. I don't think I've posted it yet!

kecia said...

oh goodie, glad you got your nest and birdie! isn't she so cute? she's very protective of her egg.
xoxo kEciA

Trixie said...

I think your mojo is workin! Bravo!

Laura said...

Lots and lots of eye candy!!!!! Glad you are receiving such fun mail!!!!!

Julie H said...

Oh that sounds like a nice swap and your parcels look lovely. Gorgeous Birdie too.