Saturday, December 15, 2007

saturday surprises~

well the weather outside is frightful, but here inside good manor it is delightful!
julie has made one of our favorite dinners~kecia's tacos.....yummy in the tummy!

and for dessert julie is making homemade tollhouse chocolate chip cookies....mmmmm!

the weather is a mess and suppossed to get worse throughout the night, it has in order snowed,

sleet, rain and is suppossed to snow in to the heather is here again with her
this is honey on the left, but i call her mai ling, she has eyes that look like she is oriental, she is so so sweet and the rascal on the left is ogi(o-gee) named after a line of eyeglass frames..
heather nursed him back to health after he and his 6 other brother and sisters were dumped
at her vet officethis is hemi, he is one of nala's pups..if you remember nala is
heathers dog she rescued that was pregnant this time last year..nala
now lives with heathers best friend and her famiy with her other pup~rolo...

the past week i received in the mail 2christmas presents from kecia, one to put under the tree and one to open beautiful and sweet is this garland, i have been wanting one of these and kecia delivered..

i am a lucky girl ....
thank~you sweet kecia
i love presents...
i was in a faerie jar swap with one of my yahoo groups and my faerie flew in
from nova scotia courtesy of lani.
my faerie is the java faerie, she was caught in a frappuccino bottle..
this faerie is on a constant caffeine high..


this post took way to long due to the weather conditions messing with the satellite

connection on my laptop...

so nightie nightie, over and out...


kecia said...

yay! you opened your garland! i 'm glad you love it. it looks great where you hung it!

Kelly Snelling said...

you are in holiday heaven over there! it is so much fun to see all your presents and pups! happy Christmas friends! xo-k