Friday, December 28, 2007

christmas gifts

new haircut today!

i have received some wonderful unexpected gifts this year from some of my wonderful friends!

the below is a ceramic gingerbread house where the rooftop lifts off and holds a small waxed gingerbread man or woman that when heated with a tealight in the actual house, melts and gives off this heavenly sweet scent!! so love this!! this was from one of the my faerie friends that lives in oregon, her name is beecharmer, she provides my beeswax for use in my artwork and honey from her hives that is out of this WORLD!!!!! this sweet saint bernard ornament was a present from julie's grandma...
this little pouches were made by my cousin~khris, she is an avid knitter and felted these lovelies! she makes us handmade creations for christmas each year, cannot wait to see what she has up her sleeve for next year.....
the starbucks truck was a present to julie from me, i found this unique tin on ebay and that darling little dark headed gal is from julie to me, she said it reminded her of sweet is that!!!!
this is a beautiful necklace made by my friend kecia,

i love that crown and the sweet bird, just so perfect....

you know i really love handmade gifts, it is just so special that my family and friends take the time and love to make something from the heart...




Ellen Lyn said...

You are just so cute I can hardly stand it!!!!! And I love all your pretty gifts!

Love you,

mistymawn said...

lovely gifts for a lovely soul. xooox ;-)

Laura said...

You received such lovely things! I love your new haircut!!!!!!!!!

I wish I could have sent you the entire LV store and a Portillo's to set up shop in your neighborhood!!!!

love you

Maija said...

You are so gorgeous with that fabulous cut and color!
It looks like your Christmas was wonderful!
Happy New Year, Kim!!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Your hair cut is very cheche... :) Adorable. Your gifties are darling...keep warm over there darling faeriegirl............hugs to Jules.....and the babies.

Happy End of year
x0 Rella

Kahshe Cottager said...

Love the new do!

Happy Happy New Year from my house to yours!

Vickie said...

Absolutely love the hair cut; very nice style and it certainly suits you! Handmade pretty much is the best!

ButtercupElffly said...

Happy New Year dear, love the "hair doo" it looks fab.
So glad the gingerbread house made it in one piece!! Such cool things your girls send you..