Friday, December 14, 2007

friday musings~

today was my day off and it started at a new dentist for a cleaning and xrays..i havent been to the dentist in a 18months and i am lacking on flossing.....and no dental insurance, so it was a wonderful experience, my new dentist is right around the square from my work. the dentist office smelled so wonderful like a spa, it was so cool....long story short, i need to get back there for a deep cleaning on the back 4 corners of my mouth AND i grind my teeth?? what is up with that piece of information??? so, a night guard is in the future..
next on the list of to do today, is to take ruby to the vet..heather has been staying at good manor
the last few days and felt the rubys lymph glands were swollen and she is looking thinner than normal, so off to the vet after the dentist appointment and our vet is just minutes away...away, ruby has lost 12lbs and that is NOT good, so a full CBC is beng done on her blood and results tomorrow...

and tuesday chance marie will be at the vet for a tooth extraction as she has a cracked tooth(we knew about)that has become infected(gross), so heather cleaned it up a bit and she will start her antibiotics tomorrow in preparation for her chance is my baby and i will be a wreck come that is what i am up to today and in a few hours i will be joining some old work friends for a happy hour at our favorite joint.....the in between, i cannot wait to bite into Ali's mouth watering chicken salad and fries...yummy!!


Ellen Lyn said...

Absolutely LOVE Ms. Ruby's beatiful frock! The picture with all the family gathered 'round....they look like they're about to jump up and love on some Kim!
Missing you!

Shari Beaubien said...

You know I'll be thinking of you and Chance Marie on Tuesday. Lord, those photos of you and all the dogs are wonderful! Love the red cape, by the way - so fashionable. My dentist keeps telling me I grind my teeth, too. But it's impossible because I wear upper and lower retainers at night and my teeth don't touch. I have other friends who have gotten the same diagnosis. I have to wonder if it's just the diagnosis du jour... Hugs and love, Shari

Maija said...

Look at the crowd you have gathered at your feet!Lucky mama!
I'm sure you are so worried about Ruby and Chance. I hope all goes well!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Look at them!!!! And that red cape, too, too adorable. Hope all goes well on Tuesday.
xo Rella

Beth said...

Hope all goes well with the results you are waiting for....and my about a ton of furry loving going on at your house. Those photos cracked me up !!!

*and a note of warning...some people can't sleep with those night guards, but with your benydryl pill you'll probably be okay !!!

zUzU said...

=^..^= oh Kim!

How wonderful it is to be visiting again ... and lookie at these fabulous pictures ::sigh:: I am in love.

I have SOooo missed you and hearing of the family with four paws. I have not forgotten you! Not once.

Whenever you have a chance, email me?
I've losted everything on the computer ::ouch::
Addies not to be found ... ::grumble::
Lets talk bears and fun good things like that?
AND ... I'll tell you of a (shhhh) a little secret ::grin::

=^..^= love, love, love, zU

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

OH... sweet Ruby.. I HOPE she is going to be OK...

Missing you guys SO MUCH!!!