Sunday, July 23, 2006

*wake up~

i normally on sundays love to sleep in, well that wasnt happening this morning!!! i was woke up by the sound of what i thought to be one of those little airplanes that you sit in and they have the frame, motor and yourself all exposed..i have seen that thing flying around a few times this, i thought okay i will get up and let kaj and chance out and sit awhile on the i am sitting on the patio and here comes this plane buzzing the neighbor's field across the was a crop cool! i have never seen one in person but it was pretty me, chance and kaj gawked over the back gate watching this plane dust the neighbor's soybean was pretty cool, he made a pass sideways down our street pretty close to the pavement, it was my own private airshow with,, how was your sunday morning?


JJ1 said...

You definately would not have seen that living in the city!!!!

FaeryCrafty said...

Air show with chemicals. Hehehe!