Friday, July 28, 2006

**pink swap

this is the pink photo of my "pink things from mo of mo had my name in the pink swap coordinated my the wonderful and my muse- photo is missing one of the most important little gifts, the ghiradelli dark chocolate and raspberry filled decadent are those babies...yummy in the tummy..i had 2 of those for breakfast chased down with a triple espresso on the rocks from starbucks, it doesnt get any better than that does it? unless it was chased down with a TAB(remember those PINk cans-love tab) i received somebeautiful things all wrapped up like i had purchased fine items from harrods of london...darling buttons, pink umbrellas(l-o-v-e), gift tags(that i will keep for myself unless you are really special), darling hand sewn kleenex holder for my handbag(another l-o-v-e) and the best- note cards that she designed for me after reading my post on the matching mother/daughter ladybug tattoos we had gotten..the cards have a momma & a baby ladybug...what a wonderful treat you have given me..thank-you again mo!! and thank-you my muse for letting me in the Pink Lady Club....what time is cocktail hour? ~*~*~


One Crabapple said...

It always feels like cocktail hour when I get to "talking" with you My Love.

You scored getting Mo for a partner!

She wraps everything up so sweetly and you feel very special opening each and every item.

And then of course Each and Every Item is really special

( I am just more jealous than I can say over that kleenex holder...)

Wouldn't it be great to all meet for cocktails some day ?

"The Pink LAdies Club will please come to order..." and instead of a gavel bearing down confetti and flower petals will be thrown ... or something like that !

Well this blog entry is so pretty with all of your pink ! I like how you did the lettering too !

Laura said...

How fun!!! Wasn't the pink swap just a total blast!!!!! Glad you got such wonderful goodies!!!

Dotee said...

So pleased you received such beautiful goodies!
You deserve each one xx